Augmented Empathy is a 4 week online participation programme, part of #TheLivingPlanet a free online programme that explores our relationship with the natural world FACT, Liverpool. In a time of climate emergency and COVID-19 we will together explore how we need to rethink how we identify and connect with ourselves, each other, animals and the Earth.

Each week, Keiken will produce a prototype augmented reality filter for anyone to try. Participants will be invited to roleplay in a series of challenges which will augment themselves into post-human, non-human, animal and collective beings. These sensory challenges will ask the participants to discuss and deconstruct how these identity changes made them feel and ask them what they experienced. The challenges and responses will be reflecting on how we learn, unlearn and deconstruct what we identify as “self” to have a wider, more fluid understanding and empathy towards humanity and the earth. We will be looking at how technology can be used as an empathy tool and provoking questions and thoughts around speculative futures.

Participant responses will be recorded and contribute to the final outcome of the programme, 3 final filters published on the FACT instagram and performance later in the year.

Augmented Empathy (2020) by Keiken is commissioned by FACT.

Supported by Arts Council England, Liverpool City Council and Culture Liverpool.